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Cómodo y potente aire acondicionado portátil de deshumidificación de sala de refrigeración de 9000 Btu

1. High efficiency, low noise

2. Free installation, can be placed at anywhere the users need

3. Easy move

4. Cooling faster than the ordinary air conditioner

5. Energy saving and health
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Helenbo portable air conditioners are for small space cooling with no installation cost.

Same as wall-mounted ac, portable ac cooling down the room effectively, and exhausting the hot air out of room via the hose, the difference is Portable AC can easy move to another room, just roll it and power on, enjoy the cool immedirectly.


Product Description

  • l Hassle-Free Cooling

Just roll the Protable AC into any room with dual hung or sliding window, connect the included hose and window adaptor to the window, and start cooling. After the summer just drain the water and store the unit well.

  • l Saving Cost

No need to install a wall-mounted AC unit, Portable AC is easy to move to your any room for cooling, saving installation cost and usage cost.

  • l Multiple Functions

Portable air conditioner combines with functions: Cooling, Dehumidification, Ventilation.

  • l Comfortable Cooling

Keep blowing comfortable cool wind during the wonderful summer, just relax and all night sleep.

  • l Compact Design

Portable AC provides stable, fast and effective cooling for rooms with an area no more than 300 square feet, it’s ideal cooling unit for dormitories, apartments, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, or living room.




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